different Dyer & Butler work environments


Corporate Social Responsibility

Dyer & Butler’s strong sense of responsibility towards community and environment can be seen across all areas of our operation as we balance the environmental, social and economic elements of our business. Our activities put us at the heart of communities and society at large and we actively work to deliver sustainable development through our knowledge, skills and professional expertise.

Equality and Diversity

We believe that everyone who works at Dyer & Butler should have the right to work in all environments without prejudice or judgement. We value respect and ensure that it is practiced rigidly throughout our workplaces, as well as welcoming people of all ethnicities, genders and ages.


Dyer & Butler understands the importance of communication, which is why we are renowned for building great partnerships with our clients. Therefore, we always strive to act in a moral, ethical and legal way, making sure that the services we provide are clearly defined and are in no way misleading.


Our commitment to sustainability not only covers the environment, but social and economic aspects as well. Dyer & Butler consistently looks for new ways to lower our carbon footprint, find ways to be more economical and actively seek engagement with our local communities to ensure that there is always a sense of community involvement in the work that we are doing. To find out more, visit our Sustainability page.


We are all only too aware of the fragility of our environment and how thoughtless actions can impact on local surroundings and those in the vicinity. From our senior business managers down to our site operatives, we take our responsibility of the environment and the management of any harmful materials or processes very seriously. For more information, see our Environment page.


Dyer & Butler strives to make a positive impact on local communities, bringing real benefits through training and employment opportunities, as well as supply chain opportunities and support for local schools and charities. See our Community page to find out more.

Health and Safety

Our Health & Safety behaviour is very much led by the cultural philosophies of our business’ senior management. This philosophy reveals itself in our complete commitment to ensure that every person who works for us or comes into contact with our work, returns home safely, without incident or accident occurring. We are all very proud of our safety performance, and our key objective in this area is to maintain our excellent safety record. Visit our Health & Safety page for more information.

Quality Assurance

For Dyer & Butler customers, the assurance of quality delivery and professional workplace process is synonymous with our name. Find out more on our Quality Assurance page.