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Heathrow Airport, Substation 260

Client: Ferrovial Agroman Airports (UK) Ltd

Value: £0.65m

Contract: NEC3 Option A

Construction of a reinforced concrete substructure for Substation 260 and the installation of four PP3 type precast concrete pits and associated ductwork.


The project requirement was for the removal of existing PQ taxiway, excavation and construction of a reinforced concrete substation base measuring 40m x 20m. Associated pit and duct work was also included in this package of work.

The works were undertaken for Ferrovial Agroman as part of the new Terminal 2 infrastructure works

Value Engineering

Detailed review and elimination of unnecessary construction joints enabled the adoption of continuous concrete pours greatly reducing construction times and minimising delays caused by curing requirements.

Materials generated by excavation were all removed to off-site facilities for recycling. Other waste (material packing etc.) represented less than 1% of all site waste generated.

The works were undertaken on a small and congested site. Dyer & Butler had to plan and coordinate their construction activities and plant movements, to ensure that the works progressed. This involved working adjacent to live taxiways requiring the programme of with minimal disruption a safe manner, caused to other airport users. works to be coordinated with airport operations and other construction activities. The construction programme was accelerated to recover time lost due to earlier delays to enable follow-on contractors to take possession of the site. The original 10-week programme was consolidated into 3 weeks. Dyer & Butler successfully maintained a work-force with gangs working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This was largely achieved by making full use of Dyer & Butler's existing Heathrow resources. Meticulous planning was required to provide co-ordinated shift handovers to ensure that critical activities were carried out on a continuous basis.



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