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Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2 Concourse B North Substructure

Client: BAA Plc / Balfour Beatty

Value: £5.33m

Contract: NEC3 Option A

Substructure enabling works for the construction of Terminal 2 Concourse B North. The works comprised the construction of foundations and a ground floor slab.


Dyer & Butler delivered enabling works for the construction of Terminal 2 Concourse B North as a key sub-contractor to the Principal Contractor. The works comprised construction of the substructure elements (foundations and ground floor slab) and concrete infill to pre-cast concrete planks and composite slabs to the superstructure.

The Eastern Apron at Heathrow Airport was reconfigured into a rectilinear configuration which opened up additional land adjacent to Terminal 1 and 2 for the construction of Heathrow East Terminal (HET), additional stands and the new pier (Terminal 2 Concourse B North).

The Terminal 2 Concourse B North provides pier service for six stands using a combination of vertical circulation cores and fixed links and nodes (3 number) for passenger flow.

The sub-structure works comprised the following construction elements:

  • Site clearance
  • Break out existing apron Pavement Quality (PQ) concrete to part of overall apron area
  • Break out existing PQ concrete in isolation for pad foundations
  • Excavation of pits for foundations
  • Mass concrete fill to make up levels under bases and under the new apron surface bed
  • Approved fill to make up levels under bases and under new apron surface bed
  • Construction of mass concrete pad foundations
  • Cast in-situ holding down bolts
  • New concrete apron surface bed
  • Excavation and removal of contaminated ground
  • Installation of gas membrane
  • No fines concrete filling with cast vent pipes
  • Ducting installation
  • Installation of foul and potable water mains including the construction of deep manholes & chambers and the installation of pumping equipment


The excavated PQ concrete and lean mix was sent to the airport crushing facility to be recycled as a type 1 crushed concrete for use on other airport projects.

The timber used for shuttering was reused as much as was practicable.


The traffic flow around the North of Europier was maintained at all times. During construction of the Southernmost bays the traffic flow was impeded and required agreement and coordination with Ground Operations, Pavement Infrastructure Team and other stakeholders.

A lifting plan was developed with specific height restrictions imposed by Air Traffic Control. The control tower requires continuous uninterrupted views so as to view 51% of the tailfin of aircraft. In addition no object is allowed to pass through a height of 55m above A.O.D which is a protected level for the 10cm Radar. All craneage operations required permit approval.

Due to the congested traffic movement a coordinated approach to material deliveries was required. All deliveries (except for ready mixed concrete, fill materials, and waste removal) were via a control post to the Eastern side of the airport. The materials were then transferred between 11:00pm and 4:00am into a loading bay within the Balfour Beatty work site.

The mid field pier was located airside and therefore all operatives required an airside pass and visitors escorted with a temporary pass.

Sheet piled cofferdam temporary works to facilitate the construction of reinforced concrete pump chambers.



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