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Working in the public realm requires a total commitment towards Health & Safety and good community liaison skills. These are both fundamental to the Dyer & Butler business and have been so for over 35 years. During this time we have assisted with car park and park & ride facilities, street, footpath, cycleway development and improvements, foot bridges, landscaping and sports pitches. We know working in this sector is highly visible to the local community, and in many instances requires careful handling to ensure that all local residents and businesses are kept informed of progress and inconvenienced in the least possible way.

To help ensure all projects go to programme and budget Dyer & Butler directly employs a team of highly mobile, multi-disciplined and knowledgeable project managers supported by experienced engineering staff.

We work for authorities, utility companies and private organisations across the whole of England and Wales in urban, rural and coastal locations, under a wide range of contractual agreements including framework agreements.


Dyer & Butler’s multi-disciplined team undertakes and manages projects in the public realm for authorities, utility companies and private organisations covering an extensive range of activities required by customers in this sector. We work under framework agreements and individual project contracts.

Our environmental standards have become increasingly important to us and we are proud of our work in assisting our customers to address the needs of lowering their carbon footprint of any development work we undertake. In the public sector, this means our procurement team will always select recyclable materials when available; on site, the muck, concrete and tarmac are all sent to recycling or crushed and re-used on site where possible.

When working in a public environment or a place of local interest, we always engage with local communities by keeping them informed of our work and progress throughout the project and by minimising disruption to the community and the environment as a result of our work.

Our services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Pavements and footpaths
  • Park & ride facilities
  • Car parks
  • Cycle ways
  • Footbridges across roads, railway lines and rivers
  • Reinforced concrete works
  • Hard landscaping
  • Sports pitches
  • Accessibility access requirements (DDA)
  • SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)
  • MEICA services

Why Dyer & Butler

The most important consideration for any customer is the safe and incident-free completion to programme and budget of any civil engineering works in the public realm. Today, Dyer & Butler has an established reputation for the successful delivery of complex, multifaceted projects in the public realm. We are recognised as a leading supplier, covering the whole of England and Wales with broad experience and a dedicated workforce.

We consider that one of our differentiators is our value-engineering approach towards all projects. Our experience of engineering and sector-specific materials procurement enables us to frequently propose alternative solutions for those already specified for project completion.

In some cases, Dyer & Butler proposals can provide significant savings against initial forecasts. This approach is illustrated across a selection of case studies published within this website. We work with and have completed many successful projects for authorities, utility companies and private organisations under framework and single project contracts.

Benefits of working with Dyer & Butler:

  • Thorough, in-depth planning to ensure projects run smoothly, on time and within budget
  • Highly focused processes to protect the local ecology and environment
  • Value engineering approach to help with project costs
  • Track record of successful project delivery on live assets
  • Solution provider to help improve engineered assets and increase working lifespan
  • Experienced and safety conscious mobile workforce
  • Fully qualified engineers – 100% CSCS compliant
  • Site supervisors hold both Street Work and SSSTS/SMSTS certification
  • Range of MEICA services
  • Experienced in SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)
  • Routinely work under Utility and Local Authority Framework agreements and individual project by project contracts

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"The investment in training and drilling enabled Dyer & Butler to hit the ground running. It has been a tremendous effort for them and our achievements are their achievements."

Derek Provan,
Director Airside Operations, Heathrow Airport Ltd