Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of essential infrastructure to the transport sector in the UK.

Our purpose is to support the UK’s critical transport sector from aviation and rail to adjacent markets, keeping people moving, all day every day.

We value our people, our customers and our stakeholders. The investments we make ensure that we operate in a safe environment putting safety, health and well-being of people first.

  • People


    We empower our people to feel valued, supported and engaged.

  • Safety


    The safety, health and well-being of all our people, underpins everything that we do.

  • Delivery


    We embrace an agile philosophy, building on collaboration and outstanding professional standards.

  • Integrity


    Our behaviour and actions are built on trust and honesty.


Our purpose, vision and values aim to create a culture that is inclusive and agile.

Dyer & Butler truly wants to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels like a part of the big picture and knows how to contribute to the ultimate success of the company. We are committed to creating an environment in which our people feel valued, supported, and fulfilled.

We embrace the agile philosophy at the core of our business, from its people and culture, to its structure and technology. Our agility is based on adjusting strategies on a continuous basis, empowering employees to make key decisions on challenging projects and responding to ambiguity and uncertainty with flexibility and speed.